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"It is not important to be better than someone else, but to be better than yesterday"

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Call us today! 541-229-5836 541-229-JUDO Character Development and Leadership Education Character Development--Dynamic Martial Arts programs are designed to help your child build confidence and strong self esteem by not only teaching the physical elements of martial arts, but by putting emphasis on understanding the value of ideals such as gratitude, respect, self discipline, perseverance, being a positive role model. Leadership Education--This unique and specialized program is designed to aid students to develop a growth mindset, empowering them to be leaders in the dojo and community. We provide our students with mentoring, reading, and video materials to educate the student on proper pathway to solid leadership in whatever life goals they may have. Positive peers--the dojo is selfless environment wherein students are surrounded by peers that are goal oriented and that work to see the success of their training partners. Self Defense--Students learn a practical and proven system of self defense that is based on efficient use of leverage, structure, and angles to overcome the aggression, strength, and mass of an attacker. Bully Prevention--Kids build a high level of real self confidence that in itself a deterrent for bully behavior. Through practice and role playing, students learn the verbal and physical skills to neutralize verbal, physical, social, and cyberbullying. Growth Mindset--Students learn to problem solve and approach problems by asking, "How can I?" rather than telling themselves "I can't". Perseverance--Not only do students learn proper goals setting, they also learn how to focus and follow through with those goals.
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