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"It is not important to be better than someone else, but to be better than yesterday"

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Dynamic Martial Arts is such an asset in this community. The facility is a well run and excellent dojo that strives to create a sense of growth, development, athletic as well as mental, social strength to a variety of age groups. I am so pleased to have my child enrolled here! The Keith's and the trained Senseis are dedicated to providing nothing but the best training for each student with loving care and direction.


--Ann Jewell--


What Dynamic Martial Arts Families Are Saying


Dynamic Martial Arts is an awesome school! This Dojo has excellent instructors and wide-ranging curricula for adults and children, including Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts classes. I've had the pleasure of learning and practicing at Dynamic Martial Arts for over 4 years and have been honored to teach for 2 1/2 years as well. The learning environment is outstanding. Everyone involved is dedicated to improvement, helping themselves and others throughout practices. Studying martial arts is practical for exercise and self-defense. That is only the base-rate; martial arts are forms of physical education and mental training that instill courage, confidence, and discipline, which transcend beyond the Dojo into everyday life as well. If you have ever been curious or considered trying a martial art, I highly recommend checking out a class or two at Dynamic Martial Arts. I seriously doubt you would leave disappointed; most people, after practice, feel accomplished and eager to return and learn even more. Hope to see you in the Dojo! Take care.


--Drew Bauguess--

Great environment for kids to learn discipline and respect while learning and having fun. The teachers are amazing! So glad we found this for our son. Thank you!


--Vanessa Johnson--

Such a great place for a variety of ages to learn new skills and make new friends! I highly recommend you come check things out! You won't be sorry!


--Cara Kobernik--

My son has learned so much and absolutely loves going to Jiu-Jitsu. He would go almost every day if he could.


--BettyAnn Osborne--

The epitome of excellence!!! An amazing martial arts school designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced students of all backgrounds. Training with Sensei Keith has been a tremendous learning experience for me, inside and outside of the mat.


--Patrick Leiser--



Dynamic Martial Arts is place where young and old alike are welcomed to train. The owners, Larry and Olga Keith, are consummate professionals with a passion for martial arts that infects the dojo with a positive atmosphere I can't find anywhere else. If you want to train with people that actually care about you and your chosen art, look no further than Dynamic Martial Arts.


--Kris Taylor--

What a great place for kids (And Adults!) to learn respect, self esteem, self defense, and discipline! I have taken my niece to a couple of the workshops and camps that Dynamic MMA has offered and she always comes out with a great learning experience! Everyone there is so positive and encouraging and make you feel right at home immediately! WE LOVE DYNAMIC MARTIAL ARTS! ♥


--Heather Hendrix--



"For several years it has been my pleasure to be a member of Dynamic MMA. In one way or another I have been involved in the martial arts since I was 17. My first experience was basic hand to hand training when I joined the army. This very limited exposure opened what I hope is a lifetime pursuit to making my self the very best person and martial artist I can be. When I was 19, I was stationed in the Philippines and started training at a modern Karate, Escrima and Kali School. For 3 years this became maybe one of the best training opportunities I could ever hope for. Then I was stationed in southern California and continued my training in Karate. After moving back to the Roseburg area I started training in San Soo & Wing Chun Kung Fu. It was my pleasure to have a top instructor like Master Bob Shores to teach me Wing Chun Kung Fu, through whom I was able to test under Grand Master William Chung. Also because of Master Shores, I've been able to train under the likes of Tim Cartmell, a very well respected BJJ practitioner and several times a Master at various types of Kung Fu. To all of which I owe heart felt gratitude and respect.


Having been exposed to some very talented artists over the last 20 years I can say with out a doubt that Sensei Keith is the best instructor and Dynamic MMA is the best school it has been my privilege to be a part of. Sensei Keith has great patience, superb skills and maybe most importantly Heart Felt Passion about his art, his school, and his students. Other than spending time with his son and wife, there is no other place Sensei Keith would rather be than at the Dojo getting down and dirty with ANY of his students. There is no other place I would rather train at to be the best well rounded Martial Artist I can possibly be. From striking to grappling, from knockout to tap out, there are none better in southern Oregon than Sensei Larry Keith."


-- Jason Elliott --




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